Friday, 28 September 2012

Challenge #6 Bling Bling Millionaires Shortbread

This is number 6 in the Mary Berry Challenge (I'm going through Mary Berry's Baking Bible....... just for fun!). But I decided to bling it up a bit.
  I saw someone else do something similar using gold and I had some silver edible paint and so thought I'd go for it.
I really like the splattered effect - it makes it look that bit more professional and special. The recipe is super unhealthy using a whole 2 tins of condensed milk for the caramel. 
 I used 70% dark chocolate for the topping which made the silver stand out really well. You can use milk chocolate if you prefer but don't use dairy milk as the American's have made it un-meltable! and it separates it into a sticky mess. Which is really sad. 
Definitely a recipe I'll be making again - really tasty and looks great.

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