Friday, 31 August 2012

Challenge #2 Maple Syrup Cake

So recipe number 2 from Mary Berry's baking Bible was maple syrup cake. The main ingredients were maple syrup (obviously), pecan nuts and orange rind. I was a huge fan of the instructions which were pretty much 'measure all ingredients into a large bowl and mix together'.

All in all it was pretty straight forward to make but it takes a long time to cook in the oven (1hour and a  half) as it's made in a deep 8 inch cake tin. 

Then you have to slice it into 3 layers (mine were a bit dodgy but you can't notice once it's assembled).

The cream filling and coating was also easy to make - double cream whisked to spreading consistency and then maple syrup folded in. 

And then to finish it all off you sprinkle grated orange rind to the top. 

It was a really nice cake, subtle flavours and not too sweet or heavy (surprisingly, considering it was smothered with cream!!!).

The only annoying thing is having to store it in the fridge!...

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