Saturday, 29 March 2014

Purple Ombre Cake

Here's a beautiful ombre cake I made for a friends house warming (ombre just means a darker colour going to light). I've always wanted to experiment with coloured sponge and here was my opportunity. I used your normal Victoria Sponge recipe  and added baking gel colours and split it between three smaller tins rather than 2 larger 9" tins.

 You make your victoria sponge batter then divide it up as equally as you can into three bowls. Then add some purple gels to one to make a light purple and then add more to the next bowl of batter to make an even darker purple.

 I also made a purple frosting but I wish I had just used a normal white butter cream as it would've made the coloured layers stand out better.
 I decorated it in vanilla buttercream, piped a pretty little border and smothered the top in sprinkles! Wooo party time!

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