Thursday, 23 May 2013

Iced Gems

 I saw these 'homemade' iced gems in a magazine and have wanted to make them ever since!
 It's a biscuit base - rolled out and cut into circles (you're supposed to use a fluted circular cutter, but I only had a petal shaped one). 
You push a thumb dent into each one (because they rise in the oven).
This is what the mini biscuits look like once cooked
The top is royal icing (made according to the packet instructions), coloured and then piped. It takes a few hours to set.


  1. I hate iced gems. HATE. These are probably better than the real ones though, so I might like yours. Only problem is they look like iced gems so my brain already is suspicious.

  2. You won't like them, they're just like...iced gems!