Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Patchwork Naming Cake

This cake took a lot of thinking power. It was an order for a naming cake in a patchwork design. 
Right from the word go it was all about the maths! There were a lot of things that could go wrong. Making sure the height would divide into the width making equal patchwork squares was super duper important, so I had to concentrate hard as there was not much room for error.
I covered the cake in a thin layer of white fondant and then made a square template out of card and cut out all the patches. Then I gradually stuck them on one by one and trimmed the edges.
The patchwork squares included cars, boats, checks, hearts and the name of the baby. The hardest part was trying to fit the 'Michael' into the bottom left square!!! 

To finish it off I made 15 cupcakes in matching colours

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